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Arrivial at Bimini.

Looking under the boat at Bimini we saw what it was about. Our first visitor!

This little boat gives cruises around the harbor at Nassau.

Rainbow Chaser is anchored off of BASRA in the harbor at Nassau. The second bridge was added since we were here in '97.

The huge casino was also added since our '97 visit.

Rainbow Chaser is anchored at Allans Cay, one of the more popular cruising stops.

My niece, Jessi and Zachary are feeding the iguanas. They just come out of nowhere.

You don't even have to have food - move your hand and they'l check to see if you threw anything.

They are actually pretty ugly!.

If you are lucky, the local fishermen will have supper for you. We got first pick this day because we'd given them a chocolate cake the day before!

You can always locate a stretch of beach to have to yourself.

Here's a bit more beach to chose from.

On down the way at Normans Cay there is a reminder of the days it was a drug distribution center. Ever dinghy OVER an airplane?

Normans had a few caves.

You can always find a shell or two.

Family Island Regatta - the America's Cup of The Bahamas!

Lots of fierce racing.

Nellie has just met the drummer in the Police Marching band. (Posted with his permission.)

This is the after-race extravaganza!

Shipping is shut down to bring the racers from all over The Bahamas just for these races.

These guys were absolutely insistant that I get their picture. They took a couple of me, too. Then they proceeded to tell me how digital pictures worked, how they are emailed and brought up on a computer. They may be young, they may be in an out of the way place, but they certainly aren't uneducated.

This is the Prime Minister of The Bahamas. They "lost" him for a while. He'd wandered off sightseeing and they didn't know where he was. Part of the time he was standing with us, just another guy in the crowd. No security, no nothing.

They got him up to present some of the trophies. He didn't really want to. Can you imagine a politicial passing up a chance to talk to a crowd?

He just presented a trophy to this guy, his friends were harrassing him. Just a big party!