FROM: Nellie Symm-Gruender

We're at the coast

Well, we made it to the coast. It sure is a lot warmer than Missouri. We're wearing shorts instead of coats and gloves.

At this point I've been cleaning, shuffling, and stowing all of our things. Zach is working on school, and Gene is doing all of the maintinence that needs to be done on the boat.

We're going to take the boat to the boat yard tomorrow to clean off the lawn that has growm on the bottom of the boat while we were gone. All of that grass being gone makes a real difference in the way the boat sails. We go back to Houston on Friday to pick ou our recertified life raft, and then we'll just wait for a good weather window to head out.

We hope to be in the Bahamas by the middle fo Feb. We're all ready to have a little fun.

Got to go, please share this with everyone

Love to all,
Nellie - Gene - Zach - Ninja
Aboard Rainbow Chaser