FROM: Gene Gruender
DATE: 2/15/99 8:15 AM

Morgan City

Rainbow Chaser has arrived in Morgan City, La. There is nothing exotic here - just a river streaming through the town. The Atchafalaya River comes through here like a freight train. We fought a 5 knot current up the river for about 5 miles to get to the docks. Last night a smaller boat who made a bit less speed too 7 hours to go the same distance.

All the way up we were passing barges going a half a knot or so faster than the current. I kept wondering what we'd do if our motor quit. Fortunately, it kept going.

Most of this water is from the Mississippi River. North of here it is spilling over the banks trying to make a new path. so far they are containing enough that New Orleans is still on the water. One of these days Morgan City will be on the bottom of the "new" Mississippi.

I'm going to try to send this at a hardware store before we leave in a couple minutes - more to come at the next stop.

Gene Gruender
Rainbow Chaser