FROM: Gene Gruender

A bit of a problem

Well, folks, we have a bit of a problem. Yesterday we stopped for fuel and to do the laundry. Leaving the marina the transmission made a couple jerks that didn't feel right. Anchoring up later and checking it out, I found the inside is getting to be a mass of metal shavings. I think we'll be in Lake Charles a few days, at least.

Now we have to sort out what to do about this. The first option was to just sail it back to Texas adn deal with it later. Nellie said no before I got that idea out. The next is to try to find another transmission we can adapt to our motor. The one that fits it is no longer made and wasn't a very good one anyway. That would involve buying a new transmission, at a cost of nearly $2000, then spending some unknown amount on getting some adapter plates machined up. Probably $3000 to $3500 before it's all done. The third option would be to just buy a new motor and transmission right out of the box, then install that. cost of the motor is about $7000, plus some unknown amount for other new things that would be needed, like mounts, an new prop to match the motor, who knows what.

So we'll be in Lake Charles, La. for at least a while, got to start sorting it out and make a lot of phone calls to see what is available. Damn!

Gene Gruender
Rainbow Chaser