Adding An Arch

We're in the processes of building and adding an arch to hold the solar panels and the windgenerator. There will be 4 solar panels, and eventually there may be 2 wind generators.

We built the arch in Austin, nearly 200 miles from Rainbow Chaser. After getting the basic frame together, I had to take it to the boat and fit the feet and make sure it all fit. That required hauling it. Where else but the top of the car? Yes, we did get a lot of stares on the way!

this is more or less how it will look on the boat.

This is a closer view. Eventually the rear railing will be incorporated into the arch.

Nellie is admiring how the solar panels will fit on the rail. There are 3 more that will go there when it is done.

It has now been returned to Austin (with many admiring stares along the way!) and more of the framework added.

All that remails is to take it to the coast again and fit the rear railing into the arch, bring it back to Austin, weld it up and return it to the coast again.

It's back on the boat, the rear rail has been cut to fit. There are some pieces left to be added in to fill the missing parts. It's just sitting in place here, I'll weld it together when it's back in Austin.

Slight change of plans - it seemed natural to incorporate the rear railing into the arch. So, one more round trip and we get it done now instead of sometime down the road.

On the sides you'll notice the tubes sticking out at an angle. These are the fishing rod holders. Last time we got tired of stumbling over fishing rods layng in the cockpit while we trolled. Now they have their own home. They'll also be sticking out to the side so that two lines won't tangle as easily.

It's installed! The solar panels are charging, the wind generator is spinning. There is more to do, but it's coming along.

We got tired of the stern light blinding us. It's now installed high (visible farther away) and behind a shield to keep it from blinding us.

There are about a hundred welds on this thing. One is ground down and polished. 99 to go. Heck, I can do that sitting down in the islands.

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