Battery Page

This view is looking in through the quarterberth, looking back towards the starboard stern, under the cockpit.

There are 4 golf cart batteries installed where the water heater used to be. You'll notice on the added bulkhead that there is a battery hydrometer handy for checking the batteries. Also, notice that the steering cables go through the bulkhead. That jug back there is a gallon of distilled water for the battteries.

Up on the side is another battery location, holding the last 2 of the 6 battery installation. Above you'll notice the exhaust hose, which now goes up and over, rather than back out the bottom of the boat.

The batteries are held down by a teak board, which is held down by 3/8" stainless allthread rod.

The only thing missing is a cover to protect the batteries and cables from shorting. I've planned to do this for some time and will get it installed before we leave again.

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