Black Locust Bowls

This is a Black Locust bowl cut from a log about 6" in diameter. I chucked it a bit off center, then made the bowl a little larger than the log, leaving one side open and a bit of a flat spot on the other side.
I cut these green, hollowed it out with my 3/4" bowl gouge, and then dried it slowly. The secret is to make sure every part can shrink without squeezing in on the core. With it more or less like a hollow ball, the outer sapwood can shrink as much as it wants. If you do it slow it won't crack. It will dry about 1/2" to 1" out of round.
The 2 1/2" disk I turned on the bottom to grab it with in the chuck was about 3/8" out of round by the time it dried.

This is another hollow black locust turning. It is not finished, but has been left sitting raw in my living room for about 4 months. Its about 3/16" thick and hollow all the way down.

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