The Sea of Cortez- Midriff Islands fishing

This is the Jose Andres. Home for a week, great fishing, great food, great company. She's leaving San Felipe here.

(Photo courtesy of Tony Reyes home page)

Jose Andres anchored in the Midriff islands. The fishermen are out!

There are a lot of fish in the Sea of Cortez, some of them require a bit of coaxing to get them out.

This is Victor, he's had this hard job for about 15 years.

This was the catch the first morning of my first day there. What an introduction!

Know what this white stuff is? Chalk, you say? Nope, inches thick birdshit, many years worth. Really!

Just another beautiful view!

Well, they're not all big!

A few of them are, though.

Just a couple sheepshead.

These guys are called Pargo.

If you haven't been to the Sea of Cortez, you have really missed something. On land it is one of the most barren places on earth. In the water, it is one of the riches places around. It is just teaming with marine life - fish, seals, whales, dolphins - everything.

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