Date: 12 Jul 97 00:33:27 EDT
From: "Eugene Jr. H. Gruender" <104675.2134@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Pest control

Here is the solution we found to 2 pest problems. I'm sure they've been used before somewhere, but we discovered them after much trial and error.

We had a rat get into the boat a couple years ago. Before we manage to get him he'd eaten a lot of things: hoses, wiring, etc. A trap just made him mad, he ignored the rat pellets. We mixed a paste of peanut butter and rat poison and it did him in. (It's been a couple years and Nellie still can't handle peanut butter!)

There's been reams written on how to void getting roaches. But if you do manage to have them get aboard, all that advice is of no value. Somewhere we picked up some BIG guys, maybe 2 inches long. Boric acid powder works, but to make it quick and sure, mix it half-and-half with powdered sugar. Then you don't have to wait for them to stumble over it, they seek it out. It's very quick and sure that way. Keeping some in out of the way places is probably good insurance, too. (Don't leave it where the boat cat can get it, thought.)

Gene Gruender
Rainbow Chaser