Date: 14 Feb 97 15:15:36 EST
From: Nellie Gruender <104675.2134@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Rainbow Chaser is leaving St Petersburg

The crew of Rainbow Chaser is about to throw the lines from St Petersburg. Thanks to our friends Lou and Una DeBee, we had a great time.

We were going to leave today, but the winds were blowing about 25 knots with 7 foot seas. I've had almost all of the excitement I need for awhile, so we decided to wait for tomorrow.

We just talked to Gene's brother in Missouri, and it's in the 30's there, so we had to remind him we're sitting here in bathing suits with 80 degree weather. Zach and I did school on the top of the boat this morning. No reason education has to be done inside when it's so pretty outside.

Zach and I took a field trip to the Salvidor Dali Museum yesterday, and we both came away fans of his work. He was weird, but a real genius. (KINDA SOUNDS LIKE GENE). Anyway, Dali who died in 89 now has two more fans. Zach says the only way he could be an artist is if he was an expressionist. I think he has other plans for his life.

We're now heading to a place called Captiva island that is supposed to have a great anchorage, and resort. We may even be there for Zach's 11th birthday on Tuesday. I'm sure we'll figure out some way to celebrate.

Till the next download

Aboard Rainbow Chaser