Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 17:04:23 -0400
From: Nellie Gruender - Montego Bay Yacht Club
Subject: Montego Bay


We had a great sail from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay. The rolling hills and mountains of Jamaica are beautiful. The lights of Montego Bay at night are especially gorgeous!

At the moment we are anchored at the Montego Bay Yacht Club. It's a very nice facility with a restaurant and even a pool to swim in. We've been taking advantage of both. We're hoping to receive our mail within the next day or so. It's like Christmas when we get the mail. I think I know how the people out West must have felt when the Pony Express came in!

While in Ocho Rios we went to Dunn's River Falls. Zach walked up the falls and had a blast. While we were on the way here Gene was fishing when he got something on the line. As he began to pull it in, Zach saw something gray around the line. Suddenly a fin appeared coming out of the water. There was thrashing around, and what turned out to be a huge shark got the fish, and cut the 60 pound steel leader line in half. I got all of it on tape, and it looked like something out of Jaws. The only thing missing was the dun duh..dun duh..dun..duh. It was pretty amazing.

As soon as we get the mail we're going to be heading out to the Cayman Island. We'll be staying in George Town, Grand Cayman. It should take us about two days to get there. This should be a little less spooky than traveling between Cuba and Haiti.

Zach is about to finish the school year up. He's got one 20 page test left to take, and he's done. We're going to spend the next few days cramming for the exam. He's learned a lot this year both from the school books, and from real life.

We all look forward to the time when we arrive back in Texas, and can have some real Tex/Mex food. We'll of course taste the real Mexican food in Isla Mujeres before we get there.

As most of you know by now our computer crashed, so while we can send e-mail (through other peoples accounts) we can't receive any. For now our conversations will have to be one way.

More as the adventure continues.

Rainbow Chaser
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Note from Gene - our mail is here, We'll leave Tuesday morning for Cayman as soon as we can get clearance from customs and immigration.