From: Ed DeBee
Subject: Radio Update #2
Date: May 1, 1997

I received another update from our Amateur Radio friend - Martin. He was in radio contact with Rainbow Chaser and passed the following information to me via email.

On Tuesday, April 29th at 8:00PM CDT, Rainbow Chaser reported being under sail, registering around 6 knots and headed for Great Inagua. Their estimated arrival time was between 2:00 to 3:00 AM EDT (Wednesday morning). At the time of report their position was 21.29N and 73.59W. Nellie felt a migraine coming on, otherwise the crew was fine.

On Wednesday, April 30th at 7:45PM CDT, Rainbow Chaser was under motor holding about 5 knots and headed for the Windward Passage between the eastern end of Cuba and the island of Haiti. They reported very little wind for Wednesday.

Gene attempted to send and receive email on Great Inagua, but the phone company didn't want them to try. They checked out of the Bahamas at Great Inagua and departed around 10:00AM EDT. Gene had been up all night and was going to try and get some sleep. Position at the time of this report was 20.20N and 73.50W.

Thanks Martin for the update. We are all looking forward to the next report.

Ed DeBee
Aboard the USS Keyboard