Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 20:12:01 -0500
From: "D. B. Kline"
Subject: Position Report, Rainbow Chaser Isla Mujeres - Corpus Christi

At 19:45 hrs, 2 June 1997, Rainbow Chaser with Gene, Nellie and Zach Gruender aboard was at (click for Chart)

Latitude 24 degrees 22 minutes North.
Longitude 89 degrees 44 minutes West.

Wind calm and motoring. Wind has been light and variable, mostly from the wrong direction. Seas 1 foot.

Gene is having a little problem with the HF radio. Radio continues to remain keyed until around 10 seconds after unkeying.

My analysis of the weather. The wind in their part of the Gulf appears to look unfavorable for sailing through Tuesday and probably Wednesday. Otherwise the weather is good for sun bathing.

Neither Gene Mangold or I have had any contact with S/V Pegasas enroute to Corpus Christi from Miami, with Dean and Nancy Whitsett and Bob and Nela Wilems. If any BYC members have had any news from them, please advise.