This won't mean much to you unless you are familiar with a Hunter 37 Cutter, but the doors used to be about 5" farther back. Moving them out gives a great deal more space inside the locker.

Inside the shelf has been replaced with a much wider one. The locker will now hold over twice as much as it used to. In the bottom, notice the 4" deck plate. Below is a cavity that could not be accessed. You can store about 15 or 20 rolls of toilet paper down there. Below that is a shelf we added. It will hold a lot, but it seems it always ends up with knick-knacks on it.

Something else we like is the latches at the top. We used to have doors come open in heavy weather, dumping stuff everywhere. Putting those little latches on the doors has meant we never have a locker come open. No more towels in the toilet!

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