The house is dried in, but it is far from finished.

This is the view from the southeast. The first layer of Stucco is on the downstairs. The upstairs has only the tarpaper and plaster lath.

Looking at the corner, you can see how our free standing deck sticks our from our bedroom. The county even counts that 5' by 10' area as part of the footage of the house for any charges.

After installing a window like the other 3' by 5' ones, Nellie wanted a garden window. I had to remove a couple studs, re-frame part of it, but I got it in. Fortunately, she decided this before the stucco was on.

This is a better view of the deck. It is supported by the floor joists that go completely through to the other side, as well as added ones that just go back in 5'.

This is a view across a little pond I made nearby. I had to run the sewer across a ravine, so I just took advantage of the place I had to build it up and made it into a pond.

The inside is not finished, just bare metal studs. There is a lot of junk laying around, too, but you can get an idea of what it is. This view looks from what will be the pantry, across the kitchen, and out into the living room.

This is a closeup of the stairs. You'll notice that the upstairs floor is 2 1'2" of concrete (with a 12" by 12" grid of rebar inside) and the stairs are also of metal and poured concrete.

This is the view from the upstairs bedroom, (bedroom number 2) looking out over the living room. The living room is 16' by 32' and is open to the rafters. There is a catwalk around the second floor level for access to the windows.

The openings above will be glass. There will be similar windows on the other end, and the walls seperating the bedrooms from the living room will also have glass at the top. From the road to the house, you will be able to see right through the upper part.

This is looking the opposite direction from above, but over in the master bedroom. The orange plastic tarp will eventually be glass. The bathroom and closet will only go 8' high, the room will be open to the rafters. The closet and bath will be open above.

This is looking from the master bedroom out into the living room.

This is a view from bedroom number 2 out into the living room.

This is a view from a few feet away a the top of the stairs looking out into the living room.

And another view, this one from the outside corner of bedroom number 2 out over the living room.

And, finally, looking from back inside bedroom number 2 out into the living room.