These are some of Rainbow Chaser's favorite links:

Links to boats out Cruising:

The Travels of Windom A couple from Colorado go cruising. They followed some of the same path as we did to Rum Cay, then went on down to the Caribbean.

Home page of the sailboat Pirate Jenny Stories, pictures and letters from the Sailing vessel Pirate Jenny as they travelled through the Caribbean

Sailing Vessel Mandolin's home page

Sailing Vessel Kyrnos home page Family with 3 boys cruises for years.

Home page of Pete Evans He grew up cruising, is now installing electronics in Eastern Europe, soon to be cruising as an adult. Good reading.

Mid life Cruising Sabatical Home page. A couple takes a few years off and goes cruising. If you read nothing else, at least read his article on his experience with guns aboard. Entertaining no matter which end of the spectrum you are on. (No one is in the middle!)

Sailboat Owner's Pages:

The Hunter owners web page

Links to ICW information:

Adam's Nautical Page Adam Graser is a pilot on a towboat which travels the ICW and some of the rivers. See it from their viewpoint.

Links to Pages of Cruising Links:

Mark Rosenstein's sailing page Many good links plus a very good search engine to find those other cruising pages.

The Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories Links to a lot of good sailing and cruising pages. He has amassed links to some of the best cruising and sailing pages I've seen. You could spend a couple days reading all he has linked. And not get bored!

John's Nautical page The mother of all Maritime links. Has nearly every boat related link possible, probably over 1000


Real time weather bouy data This will take you to the real time data from the NOAA bouys out in the ocean.

Hurricane forcasts From June 1 to December 1, check here for the latest hurricane forecasts.

Lower Texas Gulf Coast forcast Here is the current forecast for the Texas Coastal waters.

Other Countries:

And, a number of links to one of my favorite places: The Sea of Cortez:

Tony Reyes fishing tours. San Felipe, Mexico. Sea of Cortez fishing at it's best. Many pictures of great catches, great people to fish with. There are a lot of great pictures showing Baja in the background.

Sea of Cortezlog

Cruise Mexico

Links to Sailing related Magazines:

Southwinds Magazine A sailor's magazine from the South. It's free in most marinas and boating outlets in the South. We're partial to it, not only because it's good, not only because it's free, but also because they publish a lot of our stories!

Latitudes and Attitudes magazine home page

Texas Sailing News An on-line magazine of Texas sailing interests

48 Degrees A regeonal sailing magazine from Seattle

Commercial Links:

James White Our friend James White is a great singer. He's got 2 CD's out and we love them. (Update - he now has 4 out, and they are all great!!) He's sort of a cross between Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor. If you like island music, try his music. He was also in the movie The Firm. Watch as Gene Hackman has his drink spiked - that's James singing Blame it on the Rum, a song he wrote, and is on the album. My favorite, though, is Rita's Getting Even.

James is now back in Texas and plays all over the US.