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Gene's Antique Outboards

I have a number of manuals for older outboards scanned and posted. Follow this link this link to get to them.

I've got a '45 Elto Evinrude 9.7 hp lightfour 4 cylinder. I've got it running great. I've got it apart for a complete paint job. It should be back together by Christmas.

The tank was bent up and the paint and decals were in bad shape. I cut holes in the bottom, beat out the dents, welded it back up and painted it.

Chrismas found it repainted and it doesn't look half bad.

This is a 1946 KD-4 Mercury I just got. It's not in the best shape, the cylinders are rusted up.

However, I had aquired this powerhead. I didn't know what it was when it was given to me, but people from the Antique Outboard Motor Club identified it as a KD-4. So, when I found the above siezed motor, it was a perfect match.I have everything to make a good running motor now.

This is my 1923 Elto Ruddertwin. other than needing a restoration of the coloring, it's in pretty good shape.

This is my 1925 Elto Ruddertwin. It sits in my living room now, with a repair of a wire on the coil, I expect it to run well.

This is my 1931 Johnson model OA-55 3 horse motor. It runs quite well.

This is my '48 Firestone 7 1/2 horse motor as I saw it in the auction. Somewhere along the way UPS dropped it a few times and by the time it got to me the tank was mangled. Right now it's all in pieces, the gas tank has been straightened out and it'll run will as soon as I get the tank back on.

This is my '48 4 cylinder 5.4 horse Zepher. . I've got two more parts motors, it'll all be running soon.

Opps! Update - I now have about enough to make 5 Zephyrs! A few pieces are missing here and there, and two powerheads are siezed, so in the end, it'll probably be only 3, but that's 3 more than I had this time last year!

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