These are some of our published magazine articles. Read, enjoy, but please ask before re-printing them.

The ABC's of Liferafts Ever wonder about your liferaft? I did. Asking a few questions about them resulted in this article that was published in Southwinds Magazine. This is a must read for anyone going offshore.
Think delivering other people's boats is all fun? Think again.
Here's another story of a delivery - Clear Lake, Texas to Biloxi, Mississippi. Come sail with us.
Anatomy of a sinking Not every cruise ends in an arrival of the boat.
Interview with Bruce Van Sant, Author of "Gentleman's Guide to Passages South"

How did I get into sailing? Here's my story.
(Here are a few pictures of that trip.)

How did Nellie take to sailing? Here's her story.
We had to store our "stuff". Sometimes that gets more exciting than a good storm.
What do cruisers do when waiting? Sometimes it get's too darn exciting.
Reading, Writing and Arithmatic How do you teach the kids in the middle of the ocean?
Port Aransas to Biloxi, our first leg of cruising
Biloxi to St. Petersburg.Would we continue?
We had to get to Nassau. The Dry Tortugas were on the way.
The Gulf Stream is there, we had to cross it.
Once we got to the Bahamas, we had to find a fun place. Was Eluthera It??
A Couple days at Allan's Cay
Some fun and a storm at Stanial Cay. - I didn't mention it in the story, but Nellie even snorkled with Jimmy Buffet here.
Nellie took a different route provisioning on our second cruise.
What did we learn from our first time? - Don't take so much junk!
Excitement on the ICW - Ever try to keep up with a Tow boat on the ICW? An empty one? Just how fast are they? And why the heck would you want to, anyway?
Stuck in Louisana - Broke down, grounded and out of water - just some of the joys of cruising!
We tried to go from Key West to Bimini - There was just a little delay along the way.
Visitors at Sea - Ever joined by visitors in the middle of the Ocean? Sometimes it's great fun!
A fuel Quiz - A Mental Exersize
Is night watch really that bad? - Here is Nellie's take on it.
A Minor Sinking - Will they save the boat? Did they learn anything?
My Hurricane Flight - Come fly on a Hurricane Hunter flight with me.
Traveling Turns to Cruising - We had guests meet us - twice! It can be fun.
More Guests, different adventures in the same places.
Rum Cay Come meet a charming lady.
A little Sail From NY We were lucky to make our delivery through New York City just before September 11.
Fun in the Boatyard! We all have to do bottom jobs from time to time. .
Cuba! Just a brief visit, but we were there.
Return to Jamaica! We were on our way to see old friends.

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