Table folded up

Table folded down

The boat was a bit junky when we took the pictures, but it should serve to show how we changed the table.

The problem with the original table was that it took up most of the cabin. It used to go around the mast, then extend almost to the sink. It had a leaf that folded out on each side, then you could set about 10 down to eat. We never had 10 to eat, usually 3, who many times didn't want to even sit in the cabin. This was a lot of wasted space.

I took out the old table, then made a new one out of the pieces that fit into the wall when not in use. I changed the cabin from a cramped place to one where you could have a dance!

In fact, I've even moved the starboard side out a foot to give more storage.

If you want to design a new table that folds up, I'd recommend you take some old plywood, then mock up the pieces and try it before cutting up good wood. I did this in my garage with some old plywood and some hinges to get the sizes right so everything would fold up the way I wanted before cutting up the good teak from the old table. It was a good thing, because it took several trys to get it right.

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