Upgrade and Fix-it Page

Here are some of the things we've done to Rainbow Chaser. Some were done to solve problems with the way she was built by Hunter, some were just done to make her more usefull as a cruiser. Some are specific to the Hunter 37 Cutter, but many may give you ideas that can be applied to your own boat.

Added an Arch to hold solar panels and the wind generator.
Added Propane lockers to hold the 2 30lb. propane tanks for the new propane stove.
Removed the table from the middle of the main cabin, rebuilt into a fold down unit that stores away when not in use.
Cut openings in the main cabin floor and made previously inaccesable areas into storage for ground tackle, etc.
Cut out the anchor locker and rebuilt it. It's now about 5 times as large.
NEW!Expanded the storage in the clothes locker in the front of the v-berth.
Added a book shelf and clothes storage in the rear corners of v-berth.
Tore out the galley, re-built with a larger, much better insulated fridge. The best part is, it has a light in it!
Added a bowsprit with anchor storage and windless.
Added 16,000 btu central air.
NEW!Added a custom storage tank for kerosene under rear settee in a cavity that wasn't really usable.
Reinforced rudder post bearing area. If you own a Hunter 37 Cutter, check this.
Changed cockpit drains to 1 1/2" units. Now they will drain.
Opening ports added in hull of v-berth - allows ventilation in rainy weather, plus a much better view.
Fixed leaks in dorade boxes This is a design problem on the 37 Cutter.
Fixed poorly constructed companionway opening - leaks around boards into deck.
Glassed storage shelves and book shelves into quarterberth. (coming soon)
Added second alternator 150 amp.
Added watertight bulkhead behind engine, in front of rudder and propshaft strut. We can lose the rudder now without sinking.
Added holding tank in the bottom of hanging locker.
Moved doors out in head to allow much more storage behind toilet and added a shelf below the doors for a little more storage..
Added openings for access and storage in voids behind the power panel, behind the head, and under the stove.
Added cleanouts in water tanks (They're 45 gal. each, not 50 as Hunter says.)
Added cleanout in fuel tank (By the way, it's 38 gallons, not the 44 Hunter claims.) (coming soon)
Added 2 more outlets to each plug, allowing the inverter to be wired to one pair, shore power to the other.
moved starboard settee out 12" There is much more storage behind the settee and above in the shelves and cabinets. We now store the extra sails and roll up dingy there.
The generator and much more is stored in front of water tank below the front part of the settee.
Installed 6 Golf cart batteries and one starting battery below cockpit where water heater used to live.
11 gallon water heater and water maker are below the moved out settee on starboard side. (Details coming soon)
Fishing rod holders are mounted above starboard settee.
Added 6" custom foam mattress to v-berth, MUCH more comfortable.
Added anchor locker under left rear cockpit seat. (Details coming soon)
Replacing the rudder in the water You can do it in the water, here's how.

New, taller lifelines .

Re-building cockpit drain outlets to face aft, instead of the forward facing openings that shove water into the cockpit when motoring.

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