We needed more storage, as usual, and books needed a place to live. The shelf on the right is glassed into the hull, the one on the left is made of teak scraps and screwed to the wall. if I had to do it over, the one on the right would have been just a bit bigger. It won't easily hold the bigger books we want to put there.

On the other side, I built a storage compartment with plexiglas sliding doors to hold a littl more stuff. You can see the end of another bookshelf.

Above you can see the home made halogen light. It's made from a desk lamp, sold at K-mart for about $17 or so, cut the base off and throw it away. Use the 12volt lamp assembly mounted into your favorite block of wood, add a switch, and presto - a lamp that would cost $50 if it said "boat" on it!

This little port is one of our better additions. I first got the idea from Lin and Larry Parday's video tape. They explained that you could get air into the boat when it's raining. All the other ports will let in water. You can also take a kids plastic sand bucket, cut out one side, shove it out the opening and - presto - a wind scoop!

It also make the v-berth part of the world, instead of a cave. It really is a great addition. (Just make sure you shut the port before sailing!)

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